Posted 2 years ago

Rocky Bourgoyne "Afterlife" Remix

Hey everyone. Please take 4 minutes out of your time to listen to my brother/best friend/talented musician remix to Switchfoots new song “Afterlife”. This contest starts March 20th, 2012. This remix is sweet. Solid instrumentals blended with smooth and strong synths. Its on my playlist!

Posted 2 years ago

Afterlife remix 8bars

I’m just saying now. If me and rocky don’t use my 8 bars for our afterlife remix I’m posting it on here! And I want to see what y’all think.

Posted 2 years ago

Book Reading

You know a lot of people read books based on there cover. The image, title, and even the short summary. You know how the saying goes “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. Well what if you started talking to someone through text or calls. And never actually met them. You’re basically reading the book before looking at it. And what if you decided to meet this book. If the covers hideous and the summary was good. Would you still talk to them? What would you do? I’d definitely throw that book away. :P

Posted 2 years ago


You want to act on emotions,

But you can only sit and stare.

Not strong enough to respond,

Its like you don’t even care.

Listen to your friends, Only to see,

life’s a circle, Not ninety degrees.

Bottling those thoughts,

As they become tangled,

Like a rubberband ball you can’t unwrangle.

So you start pulling strings only to see,

Each string is a string from different dreams.

And they keep telling you please,

But you don’t want to believe,

All this time you had everything you want under your sleeve.

Posted 2 years ago
Live life like a wet dream, wake up happy.